26 July 2024
583 Park Avenue, New York

AI100 Awards Nomination Guidelines
Join us at 583 Park Avenue, New York, on 26 July 2024 for an evening where innovation meets recognition. The AI100 Awards by AIM Media House are more than just awards; they are a celebration of the trailblazers in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We’re seeking nominations for senior leaders whose work has significantly propelled the AI and analytics sector forward. Ideal candidates are those who have:

  • Demonstrated significant advancement in AI and Data Science within their domain.
  • Achieved measurable impacts such as enhanced business outcomes, efficiency boosts, or notably improved quality of life through AI solutions.
  • Shown outstanding leadership, innovation, and influence in the realm of AI technologies.
  • Submission Portal: Nominations are to be submitted through the online form on our AI100 Awards webpage.
  • Comprehensive Details: Fill in all necessary information including a summary of the nominee’s achievements, supporting evidence, and contact details of both the nominee and nominator.
    • Expert Panel Review: A committee of industry luminaries, curated by AIM Media House, will review each nomination.
    • Evaluation Metrics: Leadership, innovation, and tangible impact in AI technology application will be the cornerstones of our assessment.
    • Final Decision: The panel’s verdict is conclusive. The top 100 leaders will be honored with the AI100 recognition.
    • Confidentiality Assurance: All submissions are treated with utmost confidentiality and are solely for award assessment purposes.

    For inquiries, reach out at

  • We eagerly await your nominations for the prestigious AI100 Awards.


Zero Charges, Pure Recognition: At AIM Research, we believe in honoring excellence without financial barriers. There are no fees associated with the nomination process, selection, or the acceptance of the AI100 Awards. Our focus is solely on acknowledging and celebrating the remarkable contributions of leaders in the field of AI.

Complimentary Event Passes: In recognition of their achievements, all award recipients will be granted complimentary passes to MachineCon 2024. This exclusive event in New York is not just a ceremony but a convergence of the brightest minds in AI and data analytics.

Attendance: The Key to Glory: The final award presentation is an integral part of the MachineCon experience. Therefore, the AI100 Award is contingent upon the recipient’s presence at the event. We believe that the act of receiving this honor on stage, amidst peers and industry luminaries, adds to the prestige and significance of the award.

An Opportunity to Shine: Being present at MachineCon 2024 not only allows recipients to accept their award in person but also offers unparalleled networking opportunities. 

By ensuring there are no financial obligations tied to these prestigious awards, we aim to foster an environment of inclusivity and recognition that is based purely on merit and achievement.